QRCopy version 2 beta 1 for Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

QRCopy version 2 beta is PRE-RELEASE software made available for preview and testing purposes only. 

Please do not download or install this software if you are unfamiliar with the concept of software "beta releases" and/or are not comfortable dealing with software that may be buggy or may crash unexpectedly.

Use the link below to download QRCopy v2 beta 1 for Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8:

IMPORTANT: Never install software downloaded from this or any web site unless you first scan the download for malware and virus infections. If you do not have appropriate well-known anti-malware software to scan this download with then use an online file malware scanner, such as:

What's New in QRCopy v2:

Copying information from pc to other devices / creating QR codes:

Copying information from other devices to pc / scanning qr codes:

Decoding onscreen qr codes:

Decoding qr codes on the clipboard:

QRCopy console / command line app: