You can create custom qr codes by typing into your browser's address bar

http:// text here             the internet's qr code

how it works

You can turn any text into a qr code by typing “” then the text into your web browser's address bar.   For example, to create a qr code containing the email address, you would type “” into your browser's address bar.   Try it now and see for yourself!

Want to share a web page across devices?   Simply type “” in front of the page's url in your web browser, and a qr code instantly appears ready to be scanned.

Want to put a qr code on a web page?   Try this:   <img src=" text to encode" />

Want to create a qr code in Windows?   It's as simple as Start > Run > text here > [ENTER] and up it pops! Go ahead and try it now.

Want qr codes in your L.O.B. software solutions?   Prefix your data with “” and your qr code image is a ~100ms http request away.

All you need is an internet connection and a web browser and you're ready to start creating qr codes.   There's no software to install, you're already ready to go!

Privacy and your personal information:   We don't capture, store or otherwise record any information about any qr codes created using other than whatever our stock-standard web servers log.   Cookies, javascript etc are not required. is powered by Copyright © 2016.     Thanks to PHP QR Code for their qr code generation library (it's good).